In addition to everyday stress and pressure, holidays often add more demands: planning, gifts, shopping, coordinating, menus, money, travel. etc…Every day becomes a real challenge, tension increases and it becomes more difficult to enjoy the holidays. So, what to do if you are feeling overwhelmed by the additional obligation, expenses and expectation […]

  There are some common questions couples  ask when they are unsatisfied with their relationships.   Q.: I am in intercultural marriage and  I’ve never stopped loving my wife. We ‘ve been married for three years, however, I can’t understand what she is going through and she doesn’t take my pleas for her to see […]

  So many couples avoid discussion  with  their partner when one  of them “screws up”– because they fear their partner’s reaction. Actually, both sides need to make an effort to repair this situation. Here are the steps you need to take to find peace within  yourself and with your partner, according The Couples Therapy Institute. […]