Olina Rule

About Me

 I’m Olina Rule, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

I provide counseling to couples and individuals in private practice settings.

I specialize in helping people to understand themselves better,

helping them to discover their full potential, manage their stress effectively, learn communication skills, so that they can have more enjoyable lives and fulfilling relationships.

I seek to accelerate personal growth for all clients with different cultural backgrounds.

More Info About My Practice

I personally see therapy is an investment in one’s self, intended to alleviate the inner struggles that keep you feeling stuck.

I hold a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University. In addition, I  am a medical doctor with 13 years  practicing experience as a pediatrician in the former Soviet Union.

I have navigated many life transitions myself and overcome many losses and disruptions  in my life, including immigration, career changes, and other challenging situations.

My practice is informed by advanced training with The Couples Therapy Institute, the Goffman Couples Therapy training, Relational Therapy Training by Terry Real, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Divorce Mediation, Trauma treatment, EMDR training, Gambling Addiction Treatment training, Parenting agreement training, Court Involved Therapy, and many others. I am always in search of mindfulness, personal growth, self-compassion, confidence, and neuroscience.

I am deeply interested in different cultures, and identity issues for immigrants, and I cultivate a supportive atmosphere that welcomes and normalizes diversity of all kinds.