Does couples therapy work?

A number of factors affect  therapy outcomes, including


Willingness to change; the extent of relationship problems, and the clients’ readiness to apply techniques learned during the sessions. While marriage therapy

may work well  for one couple, other couples may not experience such good results.

Nonetheless,  the following statistics can help  to determine

whether or not you should consider marriage counseling.

Statistics Show High Rates of Clients’ Satisfaction

The  American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists conducted a survey on  the  satisfaction of couples who participated in  couples therapy,  with the following results —

  • 98 % received good or excellent couples therapy, as judged by the clients.
  •  97%  reported that they received  the help they were looking for in therapy.
  • 93% of couples reported that they learned  effective tools for dealing with their problems.
  • Respondents also reported  improved  physical health and ability to function after working with a therapist.


2 thoughts on “Does couples therapy work?

  1. Being in a multicultural marriage myself I know firsthand how hard it can be to come to a complete understanding with your spouse due to those barriers. Being raised in different environments with completely different approaches to how families are raised and different views on what’s “normal” a couple really has to work to understand each other despite those differences. Learning and accepting each other’s culture is the key to make it work. Sometimes a third person needs to be involved in order to sort everything out and help the couple come to an undertanding, and this is when therapy can be extremely helpful. Multicultural union is a great thing and can definitely be worked out despite the differences.

    1. You are absolutely right! Learning and accepting each other’s culture are essential.And there are a lot of benefits of bringing two different cultures and traditions into your new family! Your partner is worth your patience and love. Thank you for sharing.

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