Effective Communication Skills For Couples.

Skills For Couples


The value of effective communication in a couple cannot be overemphasized.

If a couple is having issues in their marriage and they seek services of a counselor, most of the sessions will be focused on improving their communication.


Communication Tips for Couples.

Some fundamental communication tips can enhance the intimate experience of a couple by enhancing their communication:

• Understand that communication is the backbone of relations

Seeing that poor communication is the leading cause of conflict in marriages, it is imperative for individuals to understand the importance of cultivating healthy communication. This will motivate the couple to engage in continuous efforts to improve their communication style for the benefit of the relationship.

• In a disagreement, remember to talk about the issue of contention without attacking the personality of your partner.

It is easy for partners to start attacking each other during an argument. This is due to the heightened emotions and clouded thinking. However, it is paramount for the partners to remember that during an argument, they should focus on tackling the issue while remaining respectful toward each other.

• Establish the rules of a disagreement when you are in good moods

All couples have conflicts and disagreements. The disagreements are healthy as they give the couple opportunities for growth. Therefore, a couple should talk about how they have conflicts and come up with ways to manage their conflicts. Some couples come up with rules of not engaging in a physical confrontation during an argument. Others make rules of never confronting each other when they are angry. Such rules provide guidelines for conflict management during a disagreement.


Communication strategies for couples.

The most important communication strategy between a couple;e is understanding the partners love languages. This was a concept introduced by Dr. Gary Chapman.

Love Language:

• Words of affirmation: Some partners will feel loved when they hear explicitly that they are loved. Such a partner will feel appreciated and loved when one acknowledges how they look, how well they have done their hair and so on.

• Acts of Love: This involves services such as cooking for a partner, helping them vacuum clean, and so on. It follows the saying that actions speak louder than words.

• Touch: This involves holding hands and physical affection. This does not necessarily mean hands but subtle touch communicating love and concern

• Giving of Gifts: Gifts also deliver a strong message of love, care, and thoughtfulness. Some people value gifts, it’s the love language that resonates with their heart.

• Spending Quality time together: Some couples believe that spending time together and doing things as a couple makes their love stronger. Some partners value time spent in their way more than any other love language.


Communication exercise for couples.

There are many communication activities for couples. The following are a few. Each exercise is aimed at helping a couple attain a different objective. However, the most common assignment for couples is geared towards helping them to identify the love language that the partner understands and appreciates most. Therefore, it is important for a person to practice each love language and pay attention to the partner’s feedback. Their feedback will help one understand which love language their partner enjoys most.

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2 thoughts on “Effective Communication Skills For Couples.

  1. I love these tips for communicating with your partner and feel that they can be extended to other members of your family as well. I’d heard of the different ways that people show love so thanks for explaining what this means. I know that this will help with my children as well as they both value different things. Great post. Thank you. I hope it helps many people.

    1. Thank you, Gail, for reading. So many people are getting in a defensive state when they hear what they don’t like. It takes practice to relax your body and stay in a curious and receptive mood, trying to get the message from another person. This will definitely benefit children, as you noticed, since they learn how to communicate by modeling their parents.

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