If you and your partner  or spouse are from different cultures, it is inevitable that you will  face many misunderstandings and frustrations.

         The most critical  cultural differences  have to do with  ideas, concepts, values, and assumptions about life.

               Each  culture has its own unique assumptions  and understanding about relationships and social expectations.


In many ways, cultures can have  secrets.


    Since the culture is accepted and shared within the cultural group as “normal” or “natural”, people didn’t see a reason to discuss “the rules and norms”.


Often people don’t have skills and vocabulary to confront cross-cultural differences.


People from different cultures  can speak to their partners in  way that they  believe is appropriate from their cultural perspectives, yet find that their words are not heard as intended.  

They often are not able to speak to each other about the differences and misunderstandings , and when they do not speak, their cultures fill in the blanks.

People become easily frustrated with each other and make negative assumption about the  others intentions.


A major goal of the therapist is to help people to  develop  skills and vocabularies to help them to understand  each other  better  and  to express themselves  more clearly.



10 thoughts on “Misunderstanding in intercultural relationships.

  1. Hi! I actually had a boyfriend who was from another culture and It was difficult at the begging but then with a lot of respect between our cultures., everything worked perfectly. I think that love is bigger than those barrers!

    1. Yes, it usually works well when we give a partner an opportunity and time to adjust to our culture and take an effort to adjust to his/hers culture. Accept as a fact that your partner can’t get used to all habits, and don’t put any pressure. He/she may has no idea what you you want. If you think your partner is worth your love, then patience can help to overcome the differences. I glad that you were able to keep your love and respect the differences!

  2. Thank you for this article. My husband and I are coming from different cultures and ofter I feel that he just doesn’t understand my way of thinking and above all when I’m trying to tell a joke 🙂

    But I guess love overcomes all!
    Thanks again for sharing

  3. Hello there thanks for this article – I always wanted to marry a girl from a different culture or country so that I can learn their culture and tradition. Your article has given me more confidence further up in my search for a girl. Though some tougher situations may arise I always have you and your website to guide us 🙂 brilliant article and keep us informative as always, have a nice day.

    1. When we decide to devote our lives to someone from another culture, we
      have to love the unexpected. There will be the moments of culture shock, disagreements, and misunderstandings, but there will also be rewarding moments of mutual appreciation. We have to prepare to embrace the unknown, to learn and to let go of many of our prejudices. All the best and thank you for your comment!

  4. Hi
    Me & my wife are from different cultures. Me the UK & the wife from Thailand.
    This has caused a few problems over the past 8 years, but we have always worked around these differences and problems.
    Speaking our thoughts has always been the way forward in our relationship, even if it’s not what the other wants to hear.
    Great post

    1. Paul, thank you for sharing your experience. I am a great believer in all benefits that multicultural relationship can bring to life. In an intercultural relationship, your mind is continually opened to different ways of life.

      It can be challenging, however, ​it’s the experience of a lifetime. It is an amazing opportunity filled with personal growth.​Thank you for visiting my site!

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