Relationship Coaching for Couples and Singles

Forming Your Dreams Into Reality…


If you’re a couple who are stuck in painful repetitive  patterns, or if you’re single and always find yourself settling for  the wrong kind of partner — I can help you.


I am a LMFT and  Certified Relationship Coach, dedicated to  help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your desires.


I work with couples and singles,  including those who would like to be in relationships, but who have  found a lot of bumps on the road.


There are no lessons  in school or college on how to make your  relationship successful. The bad news is that  the most of us repeat the same mistakes over and over.  The good news is that relationships can be repaired, people can be coached, communication skills can be learned, and conflicts can be resolved.


I believe that every struggle can be seen as  an opportunity to discover the potential we hold inside and to learn how to use it.

Nonetheless, it’s difficult to face change without support. During a  crisis, it is difficult to see a way out, because intense pain, fear, and shame  block our ability to see and think clearly. It is also difficult to find courage to ask for help when you feel hurt.  


This is where I can help.


I  offer a personalized, effective, research-  and practice-proven approach, helping you to stay true to yourself, and find the loving relationship you seek.

I bring  compassion  to help you see your blind spots and work  toward creating a new and effective pattern for  healing.


We will start with basic skills; coaching you  to listen to yourself and your partner without  defensiveness; discovering your greatest potentials to become a better partner:  and learning to create win-win situations.


 Call me to see if my approach speaks to you.


For over 15 years I have worked with  individuals and couples, helping them build thriving relationships, achieve their goals, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

I  offer inspiring workshops as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs that helps my clients achieve new success and meaning.


I specialize in helping couples to understand and resolve culturally- based conflicts. This approach has grown  out of my personal experiences and out of my professional work as a marriage therapist with cross-cultural couples. My aim is always to enable couples  to deal with conflict and creatively use differences to enrich their relationships.

I strive to build a collaborative relationships among couples  based on each individual’s history and strength.

I assist couples to develop compassionate  attitudes toward each other, and to see that  most conflicts grow out of misunderstanding rather than cruelty or indifference.


I am currently accepting both English and Russian speaking clients.

My focus is  on creating an approach that fits you and helps you to transform your life and relationships. I am dedicated to helping individuals  to learn about themselves and accept themselves; to cope with stressors; to have enjoyable relationships; and to learn the skills they need  to trive in their relationships and life in general .

I offer  12 weeks program to change your relationship from good to the best

Call me to schedule a 20 minute strategy session- free with the code : HELP-18

415-559-8324, email:


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