The Effects of Gambling on the Socioeconomic Status of a Person Problem gambling has a myriad of challenges on a person. However, the socioeconomic effects are the most evident. This is because they trickle down to every other aspect of the individual’s life. In the recent years, gambling has become more acceptable as a recreational […]

  According to research conducted by the University of New York, out of every a hundred people, three to five of them struggle with gambling. These statistics are astonishing considering the rising number of online and offline casinos. Just like in drug addiction, gambling addiction refers to the stage whereby a person cannot resist the […]

Feeling like you are stuck in  the same loop, arguing and losing connection? Do you feel that you are both missing what is most important to the other partner? Does every discussion with your partner end up following the same unsatisfactory pattern?                           […]

Do you feel that you are missing some important skills? Assertiveness? Communication skills? Insight in your own motives? Are you also the type of person who wants action, not just spending years in therapy? Learning and implementing new ways of living with people is what I specialize in. I am very attuned to each individual, so whether you are soft […]

  Are you open and honest about your past and present?   Are you sharing your goals for the future with your partner?    Or are you expecting that your partner will fix your problems and compensate for your shortcomings—perhaps without disclosing these expectations to him or her?    If so, you could be setting yourself up for […]

There are several approaches that can be applied when starting a relationship with a someone from a different culture. These steps can be applied toward relationships within the same culture, as well.   Studies of relationships have shown that,  by addressing the following steps in early stages of a relationship,  couples can build a strong […]