Problem Gambling

Did you find yourself or someone you love or care about, caught in gambling habit?

Do you feel powerless over this addiction?

Even though we do our best to manage life’s unpleasant turns and twist,

sometimes we reach a point where our skills just not working.

When life goes our control, having a supportive counselor can be invaluable.


 I offer :

  • Individualized Treatment for Problem Gamblers
  •  Help to  Partners  in Relationship with a problem gambler




UCLA Gambling Studies Program

CA Department of Public Office Problem Gambling


Treatment is free for problem gamblers and affected individuals (family members, friends, etc),

sponsored by UCLA Gambling Studies Program.


Gamblers Anonymous – more information on meetings around you inside-Click here
/International Service Office
P.O. Box 17173
Los Angeles, CA 90017

National Hotline: 888-GA-HELPS

Treatment Resources
P: 213.386.8789 F: 213.386.0030

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