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 As a Certified Relationship Coach, trained through a system called Dream Builders, I provide coaching to couples and individuals who would like to build their dream relationship.

            I specialize in helping high-performing people to move from conflict into connection, accept their imperfections, and overcome self-limiting beliefs. So as to create better relationships at home and at workplace.

            My focus is on helping men and women to become more mindfull of the internal resources they have. By teaching strategy and providing tools to unlock inner potential, overcome obstacles and take action toward personal growth and better performance, respect, and lasting love.


            I believe people are capable of much more than they realize. I believe we all can live a life that we would love living.

            I help you to uncover your inner potential and to teach you tools and universal laws that every person can apply every day to create the life you love.



            I also provide vision workshops for organizations to increase productivity and well-being of their employees.

I create and present skill-based workshops customized to fit the needs of for corporate, government, non-profit, and spiritual organizations.

Some examples:

Managing stress and Anxiety

Conflict Management and Mediation

Dealing with Difficult People

Emotion Self-Regulation

Better Performance in the Workplace

Unlocking Inner Power and Increasing Productivity

These seminars can be delivered as intensive skill-building workshops lasting from several hours to a full day. Participants will acquire effective skills by learning and practicing strategies and tools to bring permanent changes in their lives, achieving more success and satisfaction from work and relationships. They will be enabled to take steps toward breaking old habits and developing new ones that will help them to create powerful and lasting change in their lives.

I am interested in working with individuals, couples, and organizations who want to develop new capacity to rise above negative habits to reach full potential.




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Contact : 415-559-8324

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