Resources for Problem Gamblers

Need Help?
Call 1.800.GAMBLER (426-2537)
Or Text the word “support” to 53342


What is CalGETS and how do I access it?

California Gambling and Education Treatment Services. No cost, confidential treatment services to those with gambling issues and affected individuals. Just call 1-800-GAMBLER, go to our website or call the Office of Problem Gambling (OPG) to have someone assist you in finding a local provider in CalGETS. Resources are also available online or by mail.

What does the Office of Problem Gambling do?

OPG is responsible for developing and maintaining statewide problem gambling prevention and treatment programs.
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How do I self-exclude from a cardroom or take my name off of the self-exclusion list?

Exclusion forms can be completed at the cardroom or can be downloaded from the California Gambling Control Commission at For assistance with the self-exclusion program call the Bureau of Gambling Control at 916-227-2455.

How do I self-exclude from a Tribal Casino?

Most individual Tribal Casinos have their own process. UCLA Gambling Studies Program (UGSP) has a self-exclusion map with information about programs and who to call to sign up:

I want to report that a cardroom let me in even though I am on the self-exclusion list.

Call the Bureau of Gambling Control at 916-227-2455.

24/7/365 Helpline for All

Call Now to Get Some Help!

1-800-GAMBLER (426-2537)* is toll-free, confidential, and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year problem gambling helpline. It is free for anyone who is concerned that they, or someone they know, may have a gambling problem!

Manned by masters-level or above counselors, help is available in more than 200 languages and through TDY services. They will assist you in finding resources available in your area (i.e. counseling, self-help groups, information packets, etc.), and many are free.1 So don’t hesitate to call, because you don’t want to continue to gamble your future away. Seek help now!

1-800-GAMBLER (426-2537)

*If you are outside of California, please call the National Problem Gambling Helpline number at 1-800-522-4700.


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