What Should Couples Do Early On To Prevent Conflicts, Misunderstandings, and Feeling of Hurt?

There are several approaches that can be applied when starting a relationship with a someone from a different culture.

These steps can be applied toward relationships within the same culture, as well.


Studies of relationships have shown that,  by addressing the following steps in early stages of a relationship,  couples can build a strong foundation for a satisfying and long-lasting life together.


Let me first ask you:

Are you devoting as much time and energy to learning about your partner (or future partner) as you may be devoting to other, less important projects?


People sometimes spend more time choosing a car, which will not last a lifetime, than choosing a partner whose effect on their lives will be decisive and long-lasting.   Whether the decision has to do with a consumer choice or one’s life partner, it pays to pay close attention and not be swept away by short-term impulses.

 Here is first step to take:

Set your priorities.   Take time to know your partner, clarify expectations on both sides to avoid disappointments later on.    Promise less and do more.


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