Couples Therapy


Do you feel frustrated about the relationship with your spouse/partner?

Feeling like you are stuck the same loop, arguing and

losing connection?

Do you feel that you are both missing what is most important to the other partner?

Does every discussion with your partner end up following the same unsatisfactory pattern?

Sound familiar?

Relationships are not difficult and they can be repaired.

People are difficult. But they can be coached, communication skills can be learned, and conflict can be resolved when you have the therapist with your in the room.

The cold spiral of mutual withdrawal can be warmed and reversed, and you can gain the opportunity to grow closer and happier.

We will start with basic skills,  coaching you how to listen to your partner without getting defensive and how to become win-win team players in a progressive, goal-oriented team.


You will get assistance with holding conversations constructively, learning deeply about each other’s needs, and understanding your and your’s partner vulnerability, and finding an ally instead of an opponent.

You will learn to transform criticism into the constructive dialog, identifying solutions and putting your effort into action.

You will be able to identify how you both can be happier in your relationship.

I would be happy to assist you in this journey.

I invite your contact me and begin to identify ways you and your spouse can get unstuck from the old, ineffective communication pattern and develop a mutual benefited relationship.


  • Improve  communication and understanding
  • Explore and clarify expectations
  • Counseling Intercultural Couples
  • Addressing cultural differences
  • Coordinate parenting strategies   ⇒   child travel consent form
  • Pre- Marital Counseling or decision about getting married

⇒  marriage agreement form       ⇒     cohabitation agreement


I provide counseling, coaching, and education to help couples stay connected and function as a team.

I am passionate about working with couples,

I trained in cognitive-behavioral techniques, couples therapy, and solution-oriented therapy.

I focus on practical solutions for change


 I  am especially adept at helping couples in cross-cultural relationships


Are you ready to take action,  improve your relationship, and feel more connected to your spouse/partner?

If so, I would like to hear from you!